Adaptive SmartCharge

Jesper Davidsen

I have two Easee home chargers. Both connected to the same 16A circuit configured with the native Easee load balancing.

The chargers are set up to 11kW each, and Monta calculates a smartcharge based on the maximum 11 kW. That is ok as long as only one charger is in use.

I would like Monta to recalculate the smartcharge schedule when a car is connected to the second charger. Could be something basic like calculating the chargetime based om 5,5 kW for each.

The best option would be for Monta to actually read the available power from the charger interface.


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Frederik Szécsi

I fully agree. This feature would be needed as I often find the chargers to initiate the smartcharge to late as they think they will have 11kW ability but in fact only have half when both cars charge ending up with two cars not charged as expected when we need to head off.


Tobias S

Good point. We will revise our smart charging algorithm and setup after new years as it's ripe for some updates. We'll include your input in our considerations! 👍

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Tobias S

Status changed to: Under review