Add possibility to avoid charging during high cost hours

Thomas Kirk

Would be nice to have the opportunity to give the smart charge function the input for specific hours which is expensive and should be avoided. E.g. between 17-20 from October to March in DK, the transport fee for electricity is usually more expensive. I know I can use delayed start, but the I loose the opportunity to charge before 20:00 if I’m home at 14:00 one day..


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+1 !!
This becomes even more (highly!) relevant when "Tarifmodel 3.0" is applied in Denmark 01.01.2023
In my area the "Netselskab" has a price of 17,47 øre/kWh during low load hours (24-06). During peak hours (17-21) it's 157,20 .... a factor x 9.


Claus Kurtzmann

Another option could be to set a max price, eg. 1 DKR, and then plugin the car and if the price is less than the predefined value, it charges, and if it is above it stops.

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Frank Sørensen

This would be nice in the both scheduel AND the smart charge.
In sheduel the "don't charge at this time", would be nice, is you don't wan't to edit it every day. Or like in the Easee app, a scheduel where you can put at lest 2 times in, like:
Charge 22-23:00 and 02-06:00 (I have used that option the latest day, because of the cost prise.

But in smart charge, this should ofcause work by it self, with nordpol as it uses now, and with to option to break up the charges.

And ofcause with the new implentming of the cars / SOC, this would realy make a great option with the best cost every time you charge, without the need for edit it every day 🤞🙏🙏

Best refard, Frank Sørensen

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Sune Thomsen


We are currently looking into a similar solution for the UK market, where you need to opt-in for charging during peak-hours.

Would it be an idea to do something similar here - so you can set a timeframe where the charge should be paused and the pick up charging again outside of that timeframe?



Holger Wemmelund

Hej Sune,
Hellere (eller også) en mulighed for at sætte en max. pris-grænse, så bil aktid kan sættes i lader uden at man risikerer at den lader op på et "billigt" tidspunkt, der viser sig at være ret dyrt...
Mvh Holger


I would just expect the “Smart Charge” to charge in the cheapest hours between connection and departure time. And could figure out to take breaks when the price was high. It makes your competitor True Energy


Yes. I Was surprised that it didn’t take a break during expensive hours, but was consecutive


Casper Rasmussen

Status changed to: Under review


Jens Gedsø

All relevant data can be retrieved from here www.energidataservice.dk/tso-electricity/datahubpricelist


Thomas Kirk

Yes i know.. I Can also look at a Watch as i know the price increase during that time. My point is it would be a nice feature to set the parameter manually as an input to the calculation. So it doesn’t start between 17-20.