Allow Smart Charge for Team members on Public charger

Søren Birch

For Team Members groups, Smart Charge should be possible to enable for this group even if the Charger is set to Public.

Right now Smart Charge is only available if a charge point is set to Private.

Our 2 charge points are often available, and we encourage any guest to charger. But to do so, we need to make it Public.
If we make it Public, our Team Members are denied Smart Charge.
This is not optimal.


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Morten Mikél McNair

I recently discovered that my members cannot use smartcharge. Your kind support informed that it was due to the fact that I had set the charger as public. I am aware that it might be a rare case that I want it to be public and allow smart charging, but is there anything blocking for adding that option to the public chargers too? It used to be there. Thanks


Tobias S

Merged with: Allow smartcharge for public available chargers too


Tobias S

Status changed to: Under review


Flemming Petersen

Yes, this is needed, especially when having dynamic pricing. Members might like to start charging during night. It should be the team administrator to decide whether this is possible for the team - and not Monta based on wheter the charge point is public or not.


Daniel Gorodowienko

Currently it's not possible for a team member that is not an administrator to schedule a charge on a charge point that is set to be Public.

Would be expected that a team member is privileged to actually have that option.
Or at least have a setting somewhere in the system to allow team members to schedule charging or not.
It could be on per member level, charger or a team, maybe...


Tobias S

Merged with: Make charge scheduling available to team members