Max price on smartcharge

Stefan Jakobsen (Stivefanden)

We are many people with plugin hybrids, that wont pay to much for the electricity.

So it could be very smart if you introduced, that we can define a max price pr. kwh that we are willing to pay, because if the electricity prices are high over serveral days, then its cheaper to drive on gasolin. So all i wanna do is plugin the cable when i come home, using smartcharge. If the prices are to expensive until i drive again (self defined max price) then i will just drive og gasoline, because its cheaper. So the max price will prevent the charger from starting during very expensive hours / days.

We are many people who are interrested in that solution

Best Regards
Stefan Jakobsen


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Tobias S

Status changed to: Under review


Frank Sørensen

Yes thanks. This winter, almost 2 month, I didn't charge my PHEV 😀