Plug-to-start (Improved Auto Start feature)

Tobias S

We are updating the way our current auto start feature works.
This is the first iteration toward more automated charging. We will keep improving in this direction.

The changes includes:

1. Create charging rule
You know create a charging rule that Plug-to-start should initiate when the cable is plugged into the charger.
This means that you no longer have to do a SmartCharge manually that the auto start will use.

2. Added Scheduled charge as an option for Plug-to-start.
You will now be able to setup a charging rule for scheduled charge that will activate when the cable is plugged to the charger. E.g. Start: 00.30 -> Stop: 06.00

3. Better navigation
The current auto start settings have been way too hidden and near impossible to find. The new Plug-to-start setting will be available from the charge point settings and show whether it's enabled or not on the charge point.
If a Plug-to-start rule is enabled it will now also show on the charger screen with faster access to edit the settings.

Future improvements
For now the charging rules will be the same for all weekdays. We are working on the option to create more than one rule and choose which rules apply to which weekdays for more customisation. We would love more input regarding this!

This feature is expected for release within 3 weeks.

Please use this thread for suggestions and input - also when the feature is released.
We would really love to get you opinion on the direction and how we can make charging automation even better for you!


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Ulrik T

I would love this feature if you were able to identify that it was indeed my car that is plugged in.


Tobias S

Yes, we're definitely headed in that direction but there's no quick fix for how to do this.

We are exploring different options for how we can identify cars, but we're currently not in a state where i dare put an estimate on when it might be ready.

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Tobias S

Status changed to: In progress