Push charge plan to charge point

Anders Thurlow

The reliability of Smart Charge is crucial and the current quality is simply not good enough.
It seems that Smart Charge is sensitive to internet connection and the reason for Smart Charge is failing is a lag of robust communication at the time of the start of the charge. Rather then relaying on the charge point being online by the time the start command is submitted, then push the charge plan to the charge point will enable the charge point to start at the planed time even if it is offline.
In case this is actually how this is done today👍 simply let my know😀


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Tobias S

Status changed to: In progress


Anders Pedersen

We have this in "closed alpha" testing - expected to release soon. We call it "native smart charge" or "native scheduling". Intended to fix exactly this issue.

It will likely be a setting on your charger, which form of smart charge you want.