Using the RFID Key for the most common functionality

Gunnar Rafn

Having a charger at home is extremely convenient. The Monta App has many great features but can also be a bit too busy wanting to be too many things.
When you have configured the charger and added an RFID Key to your wallet it would be nice if you could use the key as a simple interface to the charge cycle.
1. Apply key to start charging using default charger setting (SmartCharge or immediate could be configured against the charge station which should be the default)
2. If SmartCharge is in progress, applying the key again would start charging immediately.
3. If charging is in progress, applying the key would end the charging process.
4. If charging has ended, applying the key would release the cable.
and so on.


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At least let the key start smart charging. Don’t need it to be too complicated.


Sune Thomsen

Makes sense. We are working on something we call "Charge profiles", where you can assign rules (like e.g. SmartCharging settings) to a charge key, and then user your charge key to start a SmartCharge so you don't have to open the app :-)


Nice. And I could simply have two tags: a smartcharge over night tag, and a charge immediately tag?


Tobias S

Status changed to: Under review


Casper Rasmussen

Good ideas, will forward put this in roadmap