Be able to set the selling price as a percentage in sted of a fixed price

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Flemming Jacobsen

I miss one thing in the app when I make your charger public.

My wish is to be able to set a variable price depending  on the public price. We have variable electricity prices and have made our charging station public.
But in order not to lose money, I have set the price to a high price, so I'm sure I'll be covered if the price is high.

It could be a good feature if I could set my selling price to a % above my purchase price, so that it follows up and down.
I have made my Charging Station public to help people and only have my expenses covered.


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Sune (Monta)

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Sune (Monta)

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Sune Thomsen

Hi Flemming :)

This is already possible from within our web-app, where you can control the prices with higher flexibility than what you can in the app :-)