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Jesus M Diaz

If the charger is configured to auto-start (with or without schedule, when available) or even using the smart charge feature, what prevent an uninvited guest to charge his or her car when the owner is, for example, on vacation?
Of course we could disconnect the charger from power when not at home, but then if there is any firmware upgrade, for example, it would be delayed.
So I think an option to lock the charger preventing it to feed the car until unlocked again, would prevent power thief from coming home.


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Sune (Monta)

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Nick Sinclair

I have the same issue (rolec wallpod)
If I set a timer or delay start for ‘ready for work tomorrow’
The cable remains unlocked till the power flows… so damaging your cables or stealing you charge is possible.

The facility is there in [charger settings][other settings][lock cable]
Just needs adding to the front page lock/unlock or an option in the start charge settings by time maybe

using the app or even my RFID fob to lock till I’m ready


Jesus M Diaz

That feature ('lock cable') is not enough as my charger, for example, a SyncEV BG tethered will not support it because the cable is part of the charger itself.
The idea is to lock the charger so it cannot be used regardless of the status (plugged/unplugged) of the cable.


Tobias S

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