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Laura Moisset

Being able to create price-groups that will follow the spot price in addition to price groups defined by a price per kWh or minute.


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Daniel Gorodowienko

Why is it so that Monta's prices graph looks differently that those from EnergiFyn or Norlys?
What I mean is that minimum and maximum prices per day are reasonably similar, but graphs are spread differently in shape, resulting in very different prices at particular hours.

For example for 2023.05.02:
minimum Monta: 0.75
minimum Norlys: 0.7981
maximum Monta: 1.33
maximum Norlys: 1.3754

Another example at the time of writing 2023.05.03 10-11:00:
Monta: 1.24 !!!
Norlys: 0.8937 !!!

And the last example is the main reason of my complain.

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Sune (Monta)

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Henrik Reichhardt Scheel

Ideally setting the price of public charging as: PRICE = SPOT * factor + offset.
Please also allow factor below 1, and negative offset (but do warn charge point owner before accepting "lossy" values)!