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Currently because I'm not an Installer/Operator, I have an Enterprise license via Sevadis, I don't have access to Report Settings. This means I cannot get reports emailed to me, I only get push notifications via the phone app.

I try to fix as many things as possible via automation, and unfortunately an app notification does not allow any automation, whilst and email would. That automation may only be to send an notification to the person using the charger that they may need to restart a charge, since there is no public api (yet) for me to restart the charge, but is still means it isn't something I have to do manually.

Being ideal, I would like to get an actionable notification based on any event from my charger. For instance an overvolt issue that lasts less than 15 minutes is currently not notified, whilst it will need an action to restart the charging session. So I'd like to be notified based on the event coming from the charger to Monta.

Eventually, I'd like this to work via the public api, so I can see an event for a fault, perform an action (or wait for the fault to clear and then perform an action).


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Sune (Monta)

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jesper andersson

Hi, we need to get a report of charged kWh per month for a site, preferably the possibility to mail it automatically to any desired mail adress.


Sune (Monta)

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