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Jakob Traulsen

It would allow for a lot more flexibility if it was possible to pause the accumulation of idle fees during the night. If you, for example, add an idle fee after 3 hours and the car is done charging midnight, the owner will have to pick up the car at 3am, in order not to be charged an idle fee. That seems somewhat unfair.

In order to avoid these unfair idle fees, the time before before they start to accumulate has to take into account at least 6 hours of night time. This means that in order to be fair, you have to wait at least 8 og 9 hours before charging an idle fee.

This causes a problem during the daytime as a user who's car is done charging at noon, won't be charged idle fees until 8 or 9pm.

I suggest making it possible to pause the idle charge counter during certain hours. The hours can either be fixed (set by Monta) or open to be changed by the owner.


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