Total cost should show how the amount was computed

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Rasmus Villemoes

I think the total cost shown by the app is wrong, at least when I try comparing to the spot prices+current transport price, and try to do the calculation myself. But I have no way of knowing where things go wrong, since the app doesn't tell me how it arrived at 24,00 DKK. Also, surely, something's wrong when the cost always ends in ,00 , but it's not just a final rounding-off error.

There should be some way to see something like

16.00-17.00: 4,56 kWh
Spot price: 0,6835 DKK/kWh
Transport price: 0,2428 DKK/kWh
Total: 4,22 DKK

17.00-18.00: 7,89 kWh
Spot price: 0,7884 DKK/kWh
Transport price: 0,6310 DKK/kWh
Total: 11,20 DKK

Grand total: 15,42 DKK

That way, I'd have a way to know how and why my calculation differs from Monta's.


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Sune (Monta)

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Sune (Monta)

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Sune (Monta)

Hi Rasmus,

If you go to the web app: app.monta.app/portal and go to a charge session, you can see the complete breakdown of cost for all charge sessions.

We are also soon releasing a new summary screen in the app that will show a better breakdown.