Charge queue for a busy charge point

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Tobias S

This feature will enable you to queue to a busy charge point. When joining the queue, the person who is currently charging will be notified that other users would like to use the charge point once their charging is done.
When the charge point becomes available, the first user in line will be notified.


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Garth Hoggins

Currently when a car has completed it's charge, the charger status is changed to available so the next person in the queue gets a notification to say a charger is free. If the driver of the car doesn't move for a while, it means the person that was in the queue goes to move their car, and finds the space isn't empy. Could the notification be sent once the previous car has been unplugged or could it be an option in the settings. At the moment we are unable to use the queue system because it causes confusion.


Sune (Monta)

Merged with: Queue System Issue (Not currently Useable)


Anders Lykke

Cool! There are a lot of awesome, but complicated features. Could you ask an intern to film a bunch of YouTube tutorials?


Laura Moisset

Status changed to: Released


Tobias S

Status changed to: Planned