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Torben Bjrnholt

Please include feature so I can plan daily charge - ex . start chart at 1:00 and keep power available until 7:00, so power is available for preheating the car - but the charge must start at 1:00 (or other chossen time). I am user of Easee which have many nice features and this is one of them


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Thomas holk nielsen

I'm also running into this issue that the Monta/Easee setup can't be used with the preheating feature of my car (Skoda). I'm also concerned that this feature request hasn't progressed in 2 years. In terms of implementation, I suggest that selected cars (My Skoda, for instance) can be authorized to initiate the power draw. This type of "pull" implementation generalizes well to all cases where a car should require power to support its functions and also avoids a myriad of problems that this feature incurs on public charge points.


Gert Kjerslev

Add the possibility til delayed start of charging when using “charge now” like the option for the scheduled charge.


Laura Moisset

Merged with: Charge now with delayed start


Laura Moisset

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Laura Moisset

Status changed to: In progress


Andreas Scholdan

What is going on here? 1 year gone already, comeon! seems like a simple feature!


Ricki Korsholm

When will it be possible to keep power on to allow for preheating?



100% agree - this is slowey becomming the main reason why i'm considering leaving monta and going back to just my regular easee... As I don't always remember select charge on the phone... and then wake up to a car with 0% power on....


Casper Rasmussen

Gert, under smart charge you can delay the charge, we believe that you should still smart charge to minimize CO2 in the possible window you have


Tobias S

Status changed to: Planned