Estimated Price before charge

Kenneth Thomsen

Based on the charging input, it should be possible to give an estimate of the price of a scheduled charge.
You accumulate the cost while charging, but an estimate should be possible to add when you have the price / kWh and a start/(predicted) end time for a charge session.

So, before starting a charge session, it would be nice to see an estimated price of the upcoming charging session, based on your available data.


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When you programe a smart chrage session at home where you do not charge teammebers for electricity, it would be nice to have an upfront estimate of the cost based on the cost group that are setup.
Today you can only see se the cost afte rthe charge of you use insight, unless you setup a price group as well. but id you do that you need to pay to yourself to charge. That means that you need to have an amount on your team account that will cover the cost, even if no transaction will actually take place. If you do not sufficent funds in you team account, the charging will not start.


Tobias S

Merged with: Get estimated cost when smart charge is setup. ( or any other charge setup)


Tobias S

Status changed to: Under review