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Lenz Grimmer

I already shared that feedback via email with your support team but was asked to submit this request here, so here we go.

I learned about you via a podcast on Detector.FM with Almir Hajdarpasic, your managing director in Germany (detektor.fm/gesellschaft/automobil-ladesaeulen).

I got curious about your solution, so I went ahead and downloaded your Android App from the Google Play Store.

However, I didn't even get around to evaluating it, as the first thing the app does is ask me to create an account or log in.

I was not keen on sharing my personal information with you until I had an opportunity to learn more about your offering and the app's functionality (and the value I might be getting from using it). So I uninstalled the app again and moved on.

I might be an exception here, and your adoption metrics may indicate that this is not a major entry barrier in general.

But I find apps that behave this way off-putting, which is detrimental to the onboarding experience.

By asking for a login/registration upfront, you're creating an artificial barrier to adoption. Instead, consider giving your users a preview of the experience by allowing them to explore your app anonymously before you ask them to register/log in.

Thank you!


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Sune (Monta)

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Tobias S

Hi Lenz
Thanks for taking your time to give us input - it's much appreciated.
We agree with your point, but have so far prioritised to improve our feature set over reworking the full onboarding experience.

It is however something we want to look into, with your case being the obvious reason. We'd hate to scare someone away before we prove our value, but unfortunately that's sometimes the case today.

If you ever get to use our app we'd love more of your input on how we can improve.

Tobias, Product & Design