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Thomas Lockhart

A person, who isn’t a Monta user, can use a charge point by scanning a code on the charge point - without having to install the app. It saves time and is 100 % secure.


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Tobias S

Status changed to: Released


Tobias S

App Clips is now live for iOS devices. We're working on a solution for Android devices to start a charge without having the Monta app installed.


niels bjerrum

da jeg bor i skandinavien, ville det være smart hvis app selv henter pris data direkte ved "nordpool" elbørs.
så er det let at sætte pris betingelser op for lademønster.
det kunne også være smart hvis app kunne styre externe relæ eller lignende, for powerwall, solceller mm.
hvis den kan hente data fra smartmeter, (en der måler total køb og salg af el). så kan den fx.om sommeren sættes til kun at bruge solstrøm.

since I live in Scandinavia, it would be smart if the app itself retrieves price data directly at the "nordpool" power exchange.
then it is easy to set up price conditions for charging pattern.
it could also be smart if the app could control external relays or the like, for powerwall, solar cells etc.
if it can retrieve data from smart meters, (one that measures total purchases and sales of electricity). then, for example, in the summer it can be set to use only solar power.


Thomas Lockhart

Status changed to: In progress