Interface optimized for Home Charge user

Johannes Nielsen

The whole interface seems to be made for people on the move
- not home chargers who just wants to optimize that one scenario.

Change the focus or at least, make a "Role" switch that adapts the interface for each use case.
Because they are really not the same.

I am sure the app is optimized, but I can tell you that it is not for me.

You have Guide, Map, Chargers and Me
Nobody needs to have "Guide" permanently - remove it and link to it from the other areas?

"Chargers" has "Members" and a quick access (+) to add more charge points.
- again, this is totally irrelevant for home chargers. We set it and never touch it again.

Who creates new charge points daily, anyway? Some kind of upstart enterprise users.
I dont get it.

What we really need is access to SmartCharge setting and schedules.
SmartCharge is the whole point of Monta for people like me.

Some reason some SmartCharge settings are under "Me" and...other settings are buried under the ChargePoint.
This is extremely confusing and it took me a year to understand.

Why would you not have my settings, for my car - at the same place?
I dont get it. Please move or copy the charge setting to "Me" which is the first place one would look.



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Tobias S

We've started working on the general information architecture of the app, to better suit the different use cases of the app (both Home and Public charging).

We would like to invite you to a 30 min. talk to get your feedback on a prototype for how to show the 'Chargers' tab differently.

We will compensate attendees with 200DKK of Wallet credits when the talk is over.

If you are interested you can use this link to book your time.



Steffen Lund

I cannot wait for this improvement. I have the exact same issues as described


Johannes Nielsen

You are just wonderful.
I was not expecting such quick and positive feedback like this! 😯
Thanks, I am looking forward to seeing the changes when released.💪
Happy coding


Tobias S

Status changed to: In progress


Tobias S

Status changed to: Planned


Tobias S

Hi Johannes, thanks for your input. You are absolutely right, the app was initially build as a once size fits all for home and public charging - we now know that the use cases and charging patterns are too different. We've gotten a lot of great feedback over the past year and are already working on changing a lot of your points!

A) In the near future we will have a first version of a separation of public charging and home charging, tailored more to daily needs and smartcharging on your home charge point. We will do continuous work to improve this even further but have to take it in iterations to learns what's working.

B) Removed Guide to 'Me' as we got a lot of feedback similar to yours. In the future this section will be dismissable as well for when it no longer provides any value for new users.

C) Good point, we will take this into account when looking at the information architecture.

D) We are also considering a restructure of the 'Me' section to make the information more logical, but realistically it wont be until the new year. Focus for the coming months are splitting the charging screen and improving SmartCharging features to accommodate more usecases.

I'll keep you posted - we could use input like yours on the new things we are making!



Thomas Frost

Any update on this case ? :)

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