Split sessions with Smart Charge

Morten Hørmann

It would be nice if Smart Charge were able to split the charging session into two or more periods to be able to capture the very lowest prices. Consider a case where I need say 3 hours of charging over a 6 hour period, but the prices are low for two hours, then high for two hours, then low again for two hours. In that case, the very lowest cost of charging is achieved by charging for two hours, stopping for two hours and then finally charging for 1 hour. I.e. a split session.


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Hans Andersen

One good benefit form “split session” would be that it can give me ~30 min in the morning where I can precon the car with power from the charger, instead of drawing it from the battery, less efficient, and that way less wear on the battery. Hope that function soon. :)


Sune (Monta)

Status changed to: Under review


Tobias S

Status changed to: Planned