Support tariff model 3.0 for smart charge

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Jakob Hviid

My car keeps trying to charge as the most expensive points of the day even though it is set to charge at the cheapest time. The reason is that it does not account for the tariff prices added in the new tariff model 3.0. The smart charge feature literally maximizes your charge price right now. Read more here: ens.dk/en/our-responsibilities/electricity/market-model-30

See the correct price in the true energy example that includes tariffs at the bottom of the line in the graph. I also added an example of what monta said the price was and when it wanted to charge. Try and compare the two. It greatly optimized for the worst price.


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Mikkel Kinnerup

Your support has just confirmed that tariffs are not taken into consideration so how can this be released?


Jakob Hviid, PhD

Sune below says they are now included. I have no chance to confirm unfortunately, as I have moved to “Min Strøm” for charge optimization while this was being fixed.

@sune can you confirm it is released?


Sune (Monta)

Status changed to: Released


Jakob Hviid

Btw, please feel free to contact me for more information.