Support Variable ‘fixed price’ Periods as part of the Smart Charge Pricing Parameter

Erik Reeh

Some power pricing schemes – e.g. Elbil from SEAS/NVE – have two fixed price periods with different pricing, e.g. a fixed ‘low price’ from 23:00 to 06:00 and a fixed higher price from 06:00 to 23:00. Support such pricing schemes as part of your Smart Charge pricing parameter calculations.


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This is a really common with energy tariffs in the UK. Multiple energy suppliers provide 'EV tariffs' which provide fixed price bands. It would be good to smart charge, so I can plug the car in and it will automatically schedule the charge over the cheaper window rather than having to manually schedule the charge like a 'dumb' charge.


Jesus M Diaz-Perez

I would love to see this even for non-smart charges, simply being able to set different fixed prices for different periods of time.
Currently one can only set one 'fixed cost', ideally we could add more, linked to times, and then use it either to get the estimation of cost of the charge session, or integrated with smart-rules similar to 'charge with prices 1 & 2 but never with price 3', for example.

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Laura Moisset

Status changed to: Under review


Laura Moisset

Status changed to: In progress


Tobias S

Status changed to: Planned